Just found pricing information for the new HTC Desire HD and Desire Z that were launched today at the HTC conference.
For the folks in the UK you can get HTC Desire HD prices on amazon.co.uk it’s currently priced at £469.99 with the Desire Z on Amazon.co.uk at a slightly cheaper price of £429.99.

Peoples in Ireland expansys.ie have the Desire HD at a price of €674.99 or go to phonesonline.ie and you’ll get it for €673. Some major savings if you shop around eh!
Now for the Desire Z, pop over to expansys.ie and you can pick up this sweet android phone for €609.99. Again savings to be had at phonesonline.ie where you’ll get the Desire Z at the princely price of €599.

Just to note and sorry if I burst a bubble or dash a few hopes, these phones will not be available until mid October from both websites listed. So you have a good 4 weeks I reckon to save save save!

With regards network providers meteor on facebook gave confirmation that they will be putting the Desire HD on their lineup sometime around October or November.
Pay as you go or bill it’s yet to be announced!

UPDATE: Prices Reduced!

Here’s a video from CNET reviewing both the phones.

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