If you are that kind of person who likes everything to be ordered and put in its own place, organizing your Gmail account in labels, then this small widget will be very useful for you. GmailWidgetPlus gives you notifications of the unread e-mails for each of your labels, which is not very easy using the regular Gmail notifier.
When adding it to your home screen, if you use more than 1 Gmail account, you will be asked to choose which of them you want the widget to display. The widget will then display a count of the unread e-mails. You can also choose whether the widget should show all the labels, or just the ones with unread e-mails in them. Last but not least, there are 2 available skins to choose from – a dark one in black and gray shades, and a light one in semi-transparent white.


Tapping on any of the labels will forward you directly to that Label in your Gmail account, so you don’t have to go through several taps in order to reach your e-mails. The application is still in an early alpha build, but its author keeps working on it. The last update is from 13 September 2010.
If you like this app and would like to give it a try, then scan the QR code below:

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