Howdy, this week’s installment of Appy Monday is Jetpack Joyride, a super addictive game from Halfbrick Studios the makers of Fruit Ninja.

You take control of Barry Steakfries as he throws a jetpack on his back and bursts his way into a secret laboratory. Barry is continually moving forward so all you have to do is control how high or how low he flies by touching anywhere on the screen. As you get further into the levels he starts moving faster making the game that bit more challenging! When you die you restart from the beginning. This may sound annoying to restart from the beginning but as you progress you get different missions which make the game more addictive. More on missions later.

jetpack joyride

As you fly through the lab you can collect coins, these in game coins are added to your stash and can be used to buy clothes, upgraded jetpacks, vehicles and a host more goodies. You can also spend real world money to buy extra in game coins so you can get the jetpack you always wanted without spending the time playing the game!


At different stages throughout the game you come across a mulitcoloured box, these boxes contain a vehicle. Barry can collect a vehicle and take control of it using it to fly through the lab. There are a huge range of vehicles each having their own way of being controlled. For some you touch the screen and the vehicle will go up, others it will go down and as with the Crazy Freaking Teleporter it will teleport you to a different area! Barry will die when he hits lasers or bombs that can come whizzing by, but if in a vehicle you only lose the vehicle and Barry can continue with the jetpack, so the vehicle also acts as a second life.

Spin coins will come floating by as you zip through the lab, collect these and at the end of the level (when you die) you will be given the option to use the coins in a slot machine. Match 3 items on the machine and you will win a prize. Prizes include extra coins, head starts, exploding finishes and numerous other items.

jetpack joyride screen

By completing the missions you get to collect more and more coins, plus the missions are good fun. Some are very simple such as collect 2 spin coins in one game others are a bit more tricky such as finish a game between 350 and 400 meters, it may sound easy but play it and find out!

Jetpack Joyride is a great game just if you have 4 or 5 minutes to spare while waiting for the bus, games are generally only less than a minute long but and action packed minute. the missions and different achievements help to keep you coming back for more.

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