I’m pretty sure that most of you like taking photos with your Android device, especially when you don’t have a camera nearby and you have to catch the moment. But taking the picture is not all – you would want to share it with your friends or even everyone in the world. Flickr is one of the most popular websites for media content sharing and many of you have wondered for an easy way to export pictures and or video quickly, but also having the ability to tag or put in a special folder or album.

Here comes Flickroid. After installing it, you won’t see any shortcut icon or things like this. Flickroid integrates itself in the “Share” menu of the Android media gallery. Choosing it as a sharing method, you will see a screen where you can enter name, tags, mark the picture/video as public or private, add it to an album and even share it with some blogs.


The main features of Flickroid are:

  • Image Uploading
  • Video Uploading
  • Background Processing
  • Tags with suggestions of your used Flickr tags
  • Privacy settings
  • Select from available Photosets
  • Blog sharing to twitter, etc

If you want to download this simple application, just scan the QR code bellow:

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