T-Mobile G2

Earlier in July we talked about the G2 hoping that a Gingerbread update may come. We also discussed Android 2.3.3 being leaked which includes a few enhancements such as improved audio codec and radio codec, faster response and boot up, enhanced GUI and bug fixes for WLAN and Bluetooth. We also need to mention that T Mobile has been receiving shipments of SD Cards which already have the Gingerbread latest updates. This option was for all those who may not be very familiar with the update process; it gave them a chance to take their phones to their local techs so that they could update them.


So if you are among that group of people who were waiting for an update Over The Air (OTA), looks like your wait is over. For your delight, android techs have worked their fingers to the bone and finally the Gingerbread update is available. If you are a patient person then you can wait so that the update may come to your G2 phone within the next few weeks OTA or if you aren’t a patient person and are anxious to get the Gingerbread update try going to the following menu on your handset: Menu>Settings>About Phone>System Updates.

There is no guarantee this will work but its worth a try and if it does it will update your G2 (also know as the HTC Desire Z outside of the USA) to the Gingerbread version of Android. The update features the addition of Google books, new icons for battery indicator and web, Wifi calling improvements and improvements in sending MMS from the Gallery.

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