Google+ is proving to be a great alternative to Facebook and many of us have already accepted invites from Google+. Anyone who has used Facebook can easily say that Google+ is totally different from Facebook despite of the fact that they both are social networking platforms. Google+ has already caught the attention of a large crowd in the past weeks since its launch.
Google has been trying to make Google+ better and for that Google has bought Fridge, which is itself a social networking website. It’s a social networking site that actually runs in groups. They had the idea that people may socialize on the web in the same way like they do in real life.


Fridge is like the way Facebook used to be in older days. It is simple still attractive enough to be used by the people. Austin Chang says “Fridge will be shutting down but the core tenets will stay on in Google+.” The ultimate social networking site Fridge will now be taken under the wing of Google+ which means that it will form groups for Google+. 18, 000, 000 users of Google+ may put their attention on what Google has bought for them just now. The Fridge’s section in Google+ will probably be known as “Shared circles”.
As all the websites and social networking platforms advance and try to meet all the needs of people, Google is also working to make Google+ the most attractive and advanced social networking platform in the internet world.

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