Recently we have reported that the first Android-powered PMP was announced from Philips. But it seems that Google’s expansion continues at full speed. The new field for the cute green android is the TV market.


Samsung has shown through the years that they are open to new and interesting things by experimenting with different OS for their mobile phones. Currently they are using their own Bada OS for their smart TVs but Samsung’s exec Yoon Boo Keun announced yesterday that the company is considering the possibility of adding Android feature to its sets. Taking into account the success of Samsung’s mobile phones, powered by Android, and the words of Yoon Keun we can be almost 100% sure that soon there will be Android TVs from Samsung on the market. So those of you who are planning to buy a smart TV and are Android fans try to hold a little bit and wait for Samsung’s actions.

But if you are eager to experience Android on a TV then you can turn to people from the Swedish company Lava. Their TV – Scandinavia, is the first one powered by heavily customized Android. It is not Google TV, but Google TV is aimed for the US market at its launch while Scandinavia will be offered in Europe. It will be present in 42”, 47” and 55” models and the prices start from 2500 EUR for the 42”. Scandinavia is powered by 833MHz Cortex-A8 processor and Android 1.5. The last one is a bit disappointing but people from Lava has said that soon we can expect a full Flash 10.1 support, which means that Scandinavia will get at least Android 2.2. A drawback is the lack of Android Market support but People of Lava have their own market with about 25-30 apps currently available.

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