Android tablets are becoming more famous day by day with majority of the apps having screen adjustment options. For the minorities, in future Google will release an update which will allow users to adjust the screen size for all applications in compatibility mode.

Any app which did not have the option to resize their screens will have a bar to adjust the screen to your own choice. Stretch to full screen is the old and the present option in all the apps, Zoom to full screen will be the new option in the bar which will maximize the video according to the screen size.

When your phone uses this newer screen compatibility mode, it’ll no longer fit the image to the screen instead it’ll zoom it in for you to check it clearly. The ratio of zooming will be up to 200% and the zoomed image will be even more pixilated because the new feature will not take data from any other resource for zooming, except from your media file. In cases where the screen does not properly resize, this feature will increase the usability of the app by improving the phone’s style and outlook.


Most of the apps which do not feature screen compatibility mode look fine because of the different styles and themes offered by the app in tabs. It is to keep in mind that screen compatibility mode will only run directly with android version of 3.0 or greater. The earlier versions do not declare the large screen option first, the system will itself give you an option to resize screen.

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